MorseCat by DK5CI

A free Windows Morse code trainer for beginners and experts


Current build number: (Jan 24, 2008)


OCT 09, 2011 - N E W / N U O V O / N E U:

Massimo Soricetti has translated the help file into Italian. Grazie mille! Click on this link to download it: Aiuto in lingua Italiana

For beginners: Learn the Morse Code.

For experts: Increase your ability to copy high speed code.

Program features:

  • Practice modes: random character groups, plain text from built-in editor in normal or random order, text from file, synthetically generated ham radio call signs
  • Plain text can be filtered in order to practice only words which contain no unknown characters
  • Lesson editor - If you like  to, you can edit which character is taught in which lesson
  • Support for language specific characters (German, French, Scandinavian)
  • Selectable character pools which determine the distribution of letters, numbers and prosigns among the groups
  • Speed range 2 to 120 wpm, indicated in words or letters per minute
  • Program can  be set to vary speed automatically
  • Farnsworth method for lower speeds; Farnsworth speed is adjustable to any value that is faster than the overall text speed
  • Variable dot / dash / pause ratio
  • User interface in English and German
  • Written with Borland Delphi 5
Please note that version 2.0 cannot be used for code send practice by means of a key connected to the printer (or joy stick) port; this feature is no longer available.

This program is copyrighted freeware for non-commercial, non-military use. Use for military, governmental or commercial purposes is prohibited. This applies to previous program versions as well. The program may be freely distributed for private purposes as long as this is done free of charge and no changes are made to the program. See readme.txt for details.

MorseCat is still, as it has always been, in Beta stage. I wonder whether my limited spare time will ever allow me to improve the program. Please bear in mind that MorseCat is free of charge. The program comes to you "as is". If it works for you, be glad and enjoy Morse Code, if not, sorry, I cannot promise that I can help. Nevertheless, feel free to send bug reports to morsecat ät morsecat de.

Vy 73 de

Gerald, DK5CI